Strengthen your startup ideas with Darwyn.


Darwyn was born at Mega Startup Weekend in Mountain View, CA in April 2012. At its core, Darwyn is a community of developers, designers and entrepreneurs that network and help evolve one another’s web and mobile startup ideas. The community provides positive criticism, insights and helps strengthen concepts and business models before code is written, designs are done and money is invested.

An important note though is that while you can receive feedback on your idea and improve it based on the insights of peers within the startup community, to truly validate your idea you need to speak with your customers. There is no substitute for speaking with the people that would buy/use your product.

Participation at Darwyn is completely voluntary. All we ask is that you give as much as you get. Use the community to discuss a startup idea you have, get feedback on marketing, product features, etc. but please provide the same level of thought you receive. And beyond all else, please respect the community and the ideas that are being grown here.

Darwyn is for 2 Types of Ideas

1. Wish Lists are the startup ideas you want to see come to life. They’re the apps or websites you want to use that don’t exist. Many of us have startup ideas around the clock but cannot pursue them either because we do not have the time, knowledge, resources or interest. That doesn’t mean we don’t believe in our ideas or want them to come to fruition. Darwyn is a home for those ideas. Don’t keep them to yourself. If you have a better way of doing things, share it!

2. Darwyn is also a safe place for the frighteningly ambitious startup ideas you do want to pursue. Darwyn provides a platform for you to discuss, refine and improve your concept. Darwyn also gives you access to a community to network, learn and obtain resources from.

If you want to take it a step further and get input on your entire business model, check out Business Model Press for WordPress. It makes it easy for you to get input on each of your assumptions throughout your entire model.

Public and Private Ideas

When submitting your idea you have the option to make it Public or Password Protected. If your idea is public it will likely receive more exposure and consequently more input. You can also choose to password protect your idea and only give the password out to people you feel comfortable with. The choice is yours.

Darwyn is a Community

Together we can move forward faster by using our collective knowledge and expertise. You can help the Darwin network by contributing ideas, your thoughts on other’s startup ideas, joining our LinkedIn group, and sharing the site with others.

Darwyn itself is also in its infancy. Please contact us with any and all feedback you have about the site. We welcome any suggestions you have to improve Darwyn.

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