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Outdoor Advertising App


Description of Idea: The shortcomings of billboards as an advertising vehicle are well documented. They’re basically the crudest form of advertising that still exists. A billboard placed on the side of the road is equivalent to a caveman swinging a club in a crowded room hoping to hit something – and then not knowing what he hit. Don Draper would never condone such a lack of imagination.

Forgive me for paraphrasing, but I imagine a conversation in the marketing department of a large corporation going something like this:

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Frictionless Food Recommendation App


Description of Idea: There are dozens of food / restaurant recommendation mobile apps and websites, the most popular obviously being Yelp, but none are frictionless or work in the background. This app has higher quality recommendations based on more data while being much easier to use. The first step in setting up this app is syncing it with a variety of optional accounts that the user already has. The user would have the option to sync the app with their checking account and credit cards (like I do with Mint.com already) so that all restaurant transactions could be logged and analyzed. Additionally, the user could choose to also sync the app with their Yelp, Facebook, and Foursquare accounts to pull in existing check-in and restaurant rating data.

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Smart Alarm App

Flava Flav Alarm Clock

Yeah, boyeee!

Description of Idea: I hate being late. In fact, when I worked in film we had a saying, “If you’re not early, you’re late.” I already use my phone as an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. My phone already displays traffic on the map. I already have my calendar with dates, times and locations of appointments in my phone.

Now I want an app that keeps track of traffic conditions, construction and police activity and adjusts departure times accordingly so I’m not late. If I need to leave the house at 7am on a typical day to be at work at 7:45, and there’s a massive accident this morning that shut down 3 lanes on the freeway, I want the app to recognize that I need to leave (let’s say an hour) earlier and adjust.

Why should I be late because I didn’t know about a reported incident? If it affects me and it’s publicly available information, I should know.

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